Why Real Estate Agency Experience is Important for Successful Sales

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Being a Real Estate Agent is no leisurely stroll through the park, in fact, it's a cutthroat business. Properties are often sniped by other agents promising sellers a better deal or a higher sale price, or homes are left on the market for such a long time that buyers start to wonder what's wrong with it. The fact is selling a property privately or going at it as a solo agent can sometimes lead to a failure to sell or a property selling for way below its value. So why is it important to have agency experience behind the agent?

Traditional and New Marketing Techniques:

Homes are no longer solely advertised on roadside boards and in newspapers, mostly because as a society, we receive all our information from our computers and smartphones. That's the way the world is moving. Many Real Estate Agencies will make use of both traditional and new media to advertise the properties they have available. Real Estate Agencies often have trained professionals handling their social media pages, advertising properties for sale online with a coherent marketing plan.

This allows for properties to receive a much wider reach and be viewed by far more potential buyers than they would be through newspapers or roadside boards. These posts advertising properties are easily boosted to the right target audience and can easily be shared in order to bring them to the attention of the right buyer.

A Wealth of Knowledge:

With any profession, knowing all the ins, outs, and tricks of the trade is pertinent to a successful career. Agents belonging to a Real Estate Agency are given the opportunity to continuously learn and grow, developing their skills to better their trade. Agents within agencies receive training and have access to legal advice. They practice negotiation tactics regarding contracts and property prices and gain vast experience over time.

Price is Key to an Effective Sale:

Properties also need to be properly evaluated and priced correctly to ensure a successful sale for both buyer and seller. Real Estate agents are trained in determining what a property is worth in relation to the current market and other property sales in the area.

Sitting Show Days:

Research has shown that 60% of buyers come directly to show days without having contacted the agent prior to this visit. Show Days are a key time for a Real Estate agent to work their magic and use their experience in understanding the buyer's needs. Not having a show day will decrease your chance of selling your house.

Price, Support & Strategy:

Real Estate is a highly competitive and a commission based career. As mentioned before, not every property that goes on the market gets sold at the right price in the shortest amount of time. Working with an agency provides agents with the support they may need to boost the desirability of the property through marketing strategies and negotiation methods. 

Agents inside a Real Estate agency will approach a sale as a skilled specialist and consultant, with a reputation to their name that is held in high regard and therefore never come across as a pushy, sales-starved salesperson or homeowner desperate to sell. 

An agent with the experience and the backing of a reputable agency is far more likely to help the buyer sell the property at the right price and in the shortest time possible because these professionals know that that's the name of their game.

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Author: Lillian Rencken

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