3 ways to get your garden ready for winter

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Winter is an interesting time for our gardens as many plants retire during the cold months and others miraculously thrive. The key to maintaining a lush garden during this time is knowledge and preparation. 
1. Soil Prep
The key to any successful garden, during winter, spring or summer is soil preparation. Healthy soil leads to a healthy garden as it is your soil that is the solid foundation. You will want to remove any dead plants and tidy the borders. Once your borders are cleaned up, aerate your soil with a pitch fork and mix in dead plant matter, bone meal, manure, compost, and even kelp. Adding nutrients to the soil at the beginning of winter will help to create a slow release system favoured by gardeners and keep your plants fed throughout the cold months. The last task to prepare your soil is to cover it with mulch which will help to retain moisture and heat during winter.
2. Watering Times
Winter brings with it frost and we all know that frost can damage our favourite plants. One of the best ways to minimise your frost is to change up your watering schedule. Look at watering your garden during the hours when it least chilly, after the sun has risen and can help warm up the plants. Make sure not to water after 15h00 to prevent excess water from being present on the soil and leaves overnight.
3. What to plant?
We all love having beautiful gardens all year round, and that is why you need to know what to plant during winter to keep your colours lush and your visiting wildlife such as bees, butterflies, and birds happy. 
Here is a short list of our winter favourites for your garden:
Aloe Malawi
Dianthus Dash
Plectranthus Chimeni
Streptocarpus Cape
Namaqualand Daisies
English Daisies
Iceland Poppies
Choosing the right soil preparation, watering times, and flowers to plant can make all the difference in keeping your garden bright and alive this winter. 
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Author: Lillian Rencken

Submitted 12 Apr 19 / Views 639