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Fourways forms part of the greater Sandton area, which is considered the financial epicentre of  Africa. Fourways is situated in Northern Johannesburg encompassing Bryanston, Norscot Slopes, Lonehill, Beverley, Craigavon, and Broadacres. Infrastructural development, retail development and redevelopment, residential densification as well as attracting national and international business establishment has made the greater node and in particular, Fourways a truly live work play environment.

Couple all of the aforementioned with some of the best schooling, both private and public institutions as well as world-renowned hospitals.

The Fourways mall redevelopment, one of the largest of its kind, demonstrates the need of the greater catchment area, with over 400 shops and the need to supply 8 000 parking bays (an area that covers nearly 50 soccer fields). 

The infrastructural development over the past decade has welcomed the cause to densify and supply residential homes for all income brackets from middle-income townhouse developments to upper-income free-standing estates such as Steyn city For more information about property in Fourways visit. 

Commercial development has seen an increase in new projects attracting your medium business owner who prefers to be located outside of the Sandton CBD, but still within reach of the financial hub district. Low rise developments comprise a majority of these projects but are less expensive to construct allowing the smaller business owners to house its operations in park-like environments. 

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