How to host the perfect summer picnic

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Summer is here and what better way to make the most of the warm weather than to host a summer picnic in your garden at home or at the park? You really can't go wrong with a good old picnic - it's a classic idea for some summer fun. After all, there's nothing quite like spending the day enjoying some good food, drinks and company; all while soaking up the sun's rays from the comfort of your home. 

The benefit of hosting a picnic rather than a sit-down dinner is that it is a lot more laid back and is definitely a lot more fun. 

So, if you're looking to organise the perfect summer picnic in your garden, here's how you can do it:

Set up

The first step to creating the perfect picnic is the set up. You will need to pick out the perfect picnic spot in your garden, somewhere that has both shade and sun, so that your guests have the option of deciding whether they want to sit in the full sun, shade or somewhere in between. You should also keep your picnic snacks and drinks in the shade so that they don't end up getting warm. 

Next, you will need to choose a picnic blanket or rug for all your guests to sit on. If your picnic rug isn't big enough to fit everyone, try placing two or more rugs together so that there is enough space on which to set up your snacks and drinks and so space enough that none of your guests have to sit on the grass. As an extra nice touch, you can add an array of scatter cushions on the picnic blanket for your guests to sit on, or lounge against.

When it comes to setting up your picnic snacks and drinks it is important to remember to put out flat surfaces such as large wooden cutting/bread boards, trays or low tables, on which you can set the snack platters. This minimises the risk of anything being knocked over and making a mess.


Food is arguably the most important part of the picnic, aside from perhaps the picnic rug. The great thing about a picnic is that you don't need to provide a four-course meal, rather you have the opportunity to serve easy-to-eat salads, sandwiches, finger foods and tapas; after all, you don't want to overcomplicate things. Just because picnic food should be kept somewhat simple and easy to eat, doesn't mean that there aren't many exciting food options that you can choose from, such as delicious cheese boards with an assortment of fresh breads, charcuterie boards, or platters that contain finger foods such as mini burgers, kebabs, samoosas, tartlets, pies and other delicious titbits.  

The picnic setting also gives you the opportunity to get really creative with your food presentation, such as serving your guests fruit salads in mason jars.

For sweet treats look at serving an array of easy to eat pastries and meringues. You can also fill glass jars with sweets for your guests to snack on.

For some additional picnic food inspiration, click on these links:


There are so many different types of drinks you can do for a picnic, whether you decide to go for something uniquely picnic-y like mason jar cocktails, a delicious summer punch or something as simple as serving chilled wine in picnic friendly wine glasses.

It's important to remember to provide water for your guests, as sitting outside on a warm day will most definitely leave them thirsty. A great way to do this is to fill a big ice bucket with bottles of still and sparkling water to keep them cool until guests want to drink them.

For some additional picnic drink inspiration, click on these links:

With these easy to follow summer picnic ideas, there's no reason not to invite some friends over and spend the afternoon enjoying food and drinks good old-fashioned picnic style!


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