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Ensuring that your child gets the best possible education is something that parents across the world strive for. A good school will teach your children more than just academics, it will introduce them to an invaluable way of thinking, creativity, extramural opportunities and perhaps most importantly, it will open doors for their future. There are a number of excellent schools that call Johannesburg North home, and which continue to be a big pulling factor for families looking to buy property in the area. 


St. Stithians  

St Stithians in Bryanston is one of the top schools in the country and is made up of a boy's college, girl's college, boy's prep, girl's prep and even a junior prep. Its picturesque, sweeping grounds are home to a number of outstanding sports and education facilities. The school maintains an incredibly high standard of education, with a 100% matric pass rate and is known for its strong focus on sports. 


Find out more about St. Stithians College on their website


Crawford College Benmore  

One of the top academic achievers in the country, Crawford College is a co-ed school located in Sandton. Crawford takes on students all the way from pre-primary until matric and their education system comes with a serious focus on academic excellence, with their Matrics achieving a 100% pass rate. The school also boasts excellent educational and extramural facilities. 


Find out more about Crawford College on their website. 


Brescia House 

Brescia House is an independent Catholic girls school located in Bryanston. One of the top girl's schools in the country, the school is well-known for its academic excellence, with their matric girls having achieved a 100% university entrance rate for the past four years. Brescia House also has excellent sports facilities and offers a wide range of extramural activities - from sports, to arts and cultural. 


Find out more about Brescia house on their website. 



Redhill is a private, co-ed and multi-faith school located in Morningside and is open to students ranging from pre-primary to matric. Redhill's strong academic and sports programmes have given it a reputation as one of the top IEB schools in the country. Redhill has achieved a 100% matric pass rate for the past 40 years and offers a wide range of sports and cultural extramural activities for its students. 


Find out more about Redhill on their website. 


Bryandale Primary 

One of the top primary schools in Johannesburg North, Bryandale Primary, which is located in Bryanston, is a school which focuses on providing each learner with a holistic and comprehensive education. The school is home to excellent learning and sports facilities and continues to strive for academic excellence 


Find out more about Bryandale Primary on their website. 


Bryanston High 

Bryanston High School is a former Model C, co-ed high school located in Bryanston. The school, which core values see it providing its learners with an excellent academic, sport and cultural education, has earned the title of being the top GDE high school in the Johannesburg Northern suburbs. 


Find out more about Bryanston High on their website. 


The large number of excellent schools which are located in the Johannesburg Northern suburbs makes it an exceedingly popular area for people to live in. If you're looking to buy a property in the Johannesburg North/Bryanston areas, contact Homes of Distinction today.


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