What are Your TOP 5 Priorities?

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We all have a list of priorities, but what may be at the top of that list and what falls to the bottom is different for everyone. Here are the five most common priorities people have and often struggle to arrange in a list of most to least important.
Mansion vs Townhouse
The old saying of having "a roof over your head and food in your belly" places the roof first, and for good reason. It is the same reason that in a survival situation, it's advised that you should make a shelter before looking for food or water. This is because our homes are vital to our survival and our comfort. What type of home do you need and want and how do you plan to get there? If you're not sure, read here on property resolutions:
Dream Car vs Reasonably Affordable Car?
Moving around effectively is vital in this day and age, and the balance of needs vs desires is equally as important.  Do you need a simple, economical car to take you from point A to B or is it time to upgrade to the car of your dreams from childhood? Wherever you're heading, ensuring you know how you'll get there shouldn't be a mystery.
0, 1, 2 or 10 kids?
If you have children, you'll know that their needs will often come before yours and only once they have flown the coop will you regain some independence again. If you don't have kids, ask yourself if having children right now is really a priority for you and how financially sound are you to take that next step?  Remember when deciding on how many kids you'd like to have, the cost of living is growing higher and they will need you to support them for many years to come.  In fact, several research studies show that it costs on average R90,000 a year per child to raise them. Have a look here for the full break down from Parent24:
Travel and Leisure:
Many people may consider taking time for themselves to be much lower down on their list of priorities, however, it is important and in no way unreasonable to take a break, especially at the year-end! If proper rest, relaxation and new experiences are a high ranking priority, what are you doing to ensure you have the resources to enjoy it? Enjoying a casual weekend camping trip might suffice or perhaps it's time for that long-overdue overseas trip for a completely new experience. 
Saving for Retirement 
Saving for the future is a priority everyone knows they need to have, but not very many of us are great at keeping up with it. Proper financial saving can allow for the dream home you've always wanted, your ideal roadster, the lifestyle your kids deserve and a secured retirement. Put a monthly saving plan into place with goals and outcomes attached to help you achieve them. 
Re-evaluating our priorities often seems like we've made a lifestyle mistake somewhere along the way. However, as we grow older and evaluate what we actually need and want from life, taking a good, honest look at what your priorities should be is never a bad thing.
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Author: Lillian Rencken

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