3 Facts about Taking a Gap Year

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For many young adults, the end of high school is a gateway to new beginnings and one of the biggest decisions they will start considering is whether or not they head to university immediately or to take a gap year. Both decisions have their pros and cons, but there's more to a gap year than meets the eye. 
Read on and learn everything you need to know about taking a gap year and what there is to gain from this break.

1. The personal benefits of a gap year:
A gap year is a time which allows personal growth and a transition from a naive youngster into a more mature adult. Many young adults who decide to take a gap year will learn different responsibilities from those they had during high school. They get a taste of the real world and can begin to understand different people from different walks of life, developing their own independence and learning from real-world experiences.

2. When to take a gap year:
Each person is different and therefore not everyone will benefit from taking some time off from the roller coaster of life right after high school. For many, a gap in between high school and tertiary education can prepare them for tougher educational requirements. However, some may want to experience a break after they obtain their degree to experience the world from a new perspective. While not often recommended, some individuals may even enjoy taking a break during their time at university to determine if they are heading into the correct career choice for them and prevent burning out during their studies.
3. What to do during a gap year:
When the words "gap year" are spoken, many youths imagine backpacking around Europe by themselves or with a group of friends. While this is an option, the finances involved may not be available to everyone. A gap year should be used to figure out what they want to do with their lives, whether finding regular or part-time work or taking the time to travel, allow for life lessons to be learnt in a fun and expressive way.

With a variety of options available to children, taking a gap year will more often than not be a spectacular time for your child to grow and develop into a young adult. Whether they work to save a little extra money, enjoy a structured programme, or if life allows, travel around Europe, the experiences and memories they will gain are more than money can buy.

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Author: Lillian Rencken

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