A Tribute to Inspirational WOMEN in South Africa

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This Women's Day we pay tribute to five South African women who have inspired millions of women worldwide.

5 of South Africa's Most Exceptional Business Women

  • Basetsana Kumalo: Winner of Miss South Africa 1994, she now runs several businesses ranging from media production to being the CEO of Basetsana Woman Investment Holdings (Pty) Ltd. Basetsana is a philanthropist at heart and strives to help the women and children of her community.
  • Bonang Matheba: Affectionately called Queen B by her fans and followers, Bonang has taken being a business guru in stride with a net worth of R7.2 million by launching and running several business ventures including an app, launching several clothing lines, a reality TV star, a TV presenter and an author.
  • Lynette Ntuli: Lynette Ntuli is well known and highly respected as being the CEO of Innate Investment Solutions. She is driven to help with youth and development programs being the Founding Director and Chairman of
  • Wendy Applebaum: Arguably the richest woman in South Africa, Wendy Applebaum has redefined business gender roles in South Africa. Her first business venture was in 1994 when she founded Wiphold, the first female-run company to be listed on the JSE. Applebaum is also a dedicated philanthropist, having donated millions of dollars to the creation of a few charities.
  • Vanessa Gounden: Mining magnet, political analyst, teacher, and fashion designer, Vanessa Gounden is an inspiration to all young women showing that nothing can stop you if you have the passion to push forward. From humble beginnings, Gounden worked hard to start the businesses which have made her fortune and has shown that a woman can do it all.

Taking on a Man's World
It's no secret that women have not always stood in equal stead with men, especially when it comes to the world of business. In fact, it wasn't even 50 years ago that the first woman in history made it onto the Fortune 500 list. With more and more women electing to head into the business world and taking it on fearlessly, the next generation of female business leaders can rest assured that it won't always be a man's world.

Breaking the Glass Ceiling
Each year, the number of women recognised as business moguls and cementing their place on the Fortune 500 list grows, the number of young ambitious women walking into corporate positions with their heads held high increases and the gender wage gap is slowly closing around the world. With the glass ceiling slowly breaking down,  women will have more opportunities to rise up and show their leadership capabilities.

How Women Set a New Standard
Over the last 30 years, researchers have seen a direct correlation between companies taking women into leadership roles and the positive growth that those companies achieve. These outcomes include a higher return on sales, a higher return on invested capital and a higher return on equity. It can be said that the reason behind these improvements on the bottom line include a direct association to ethical decision making, fiscal conservatism and heading a more respectful work environment that these leading women strive for in their businesses. 

South Africa is home to women who have an undeniable and unmatchable strength and it goes without saying that our women, past, present and future have played a pivotal role in South Africa's progress.

This Women's Day, we'd like to say a special thank you to all our female real estate agents for the work they do in helping our clients buy and sell their homes successfully. Hard work pays off.

Eleanor Roosevelt said; "A woman is like a tea bag, you can't tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.".

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