A Glance at Bryanston Over the Last 20 Years: Q & A with Jonathan Broekman

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The ideal area for families and businesses alike, it is easy to understand why Bryanston is a
highly sought-after residential area. The buying and selling of properties have boomed and
Jonathan tells all in this exclusive interview.

1. When did you start selling property in the Bryanston area?
I initially started selling townhouses and apartments in Windsor 30 years ago in 1988, then was promoted to sell in areas on the perimeter of Bryanston in 1990 and finally moved into
Bryanston in 1996.

2. Why do you think Bryanston is a popular place for people to live?
Bryanston is a microcosm of the universe! It is also the largest suburb in the Southern
Hemisphere, it has for many years had an excellent infrastructure with several good schools,
shopping centres and medical facilities; and easy access to the motorways and the Sandton

3. What do you think Bryanston holds for the future of the real estate industry?
Bryanston was originally developed as a semi-rural suburb on the outskirts of Johannesburg
with 1-3 acre properties. But over time densification has occurred and properties have been
subdivided to make way for more communal type residential schemes including apartments and
cluster estate developments. Because of its ideal location and infrastructure, it will continue to
be sought after by families looking to be within the ring-road and enjoy short commuting times to
work and school.

4. Which was your favourite property to sell in the Bryanston area and why?
There are a few homes that I have sold a few times over the 23 years. I have sold one house
five times before it was knocked down to make way for a brand new house. My current favourite
would be our first scheme that we are developing at No 208 Cumberland Avenue (

5. What is your favourite aspect of the area and why?
It would have to be the climate; being almost the same altitude as Pretoria, we can enjoy
weather that is a few degrees warmer than the rest of Joburg and we're able to see the sunrise
and sunset from a few roads.

With the lush green gardens, a central location and wide availability of entertainment, there is
certainly no question as to why Bryanston is the go-to area to find your dream home.
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