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At Homes of Distinction, we work hard to deliver the most advanced marketing plans for our sellers. We are always looking for new and innovative ways to reach as many people as possible and delivering clear and relevant communication to buyers.

Professional Real Estate Agents
For professional service, we ensure that only the most highly skilled area specialists are assigned to an area that they know and love. We can then provide insightful advice on home pricing and how to get the most value out of the upcoming show days. Our real estate agents are passionate and highly motivated meaning that their primary concern is aiding in the successful sales and purchase of a property. Teamwork and many years of experience also adds to the knowledgeable advice that you will receive.

Exquisite Photography
First impressions do matter which is why we ensure that only the most beautiful images of your property make it onto the top marketing platforms. Vibrant colours and eye-catching features pop with our professional photography team. This entices potential buyers to make an appointment to view or to come to the showday.

Our Digital Marketing Strategy gives your Maximum exposure
Everyone knows Homes of Distinction as leaders in the online marketing space. With over 10 years of experience in digital strategy and a budget of over R1,5 million a year, we cover all major online listing platforms and social platforms. Our database boasts over 16000 active people and we send regular communication to buyers over email but we also target new audiences on social media.

We are a results driven real estate agency and it's these results that have grown our market share.

With an average sales time of 60-90 days, our digital marketing strategy and focus on maximum exposure will help to sell your home quickly and effectively.

No more Newspaper Listings!
You may have noticed how thin the property section of the newspaper has become, this is due to how the digital marketing channels have allowed for buyers to search easily and more accurately on their mobile devices and computer desktops. Buyers are searching online instead of buying the newspaper. Our shift from the newspaper has allowed us to push more of our budget into digital marketing which shows a direct positive return through clicks and engagements with buyers.

Environmentally Friendly & Socially Responsible
Our overall strategy is also environmentally friendly, with fewer flyers and less printing in newspapers we have cut down on the paper we use and this has become a part of our overall company culture. We also give back as much as we can by getting involved in building food gardens and supporting NGO's that make a difference in our communities.

This is why at Homes of Distinction we do property while you do life.

If you are looking for talented, motivated and highly skilled property estate agents to help you sell your property while you enjoy life, then take a look at our outstanding team here:

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