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Spring is in the air and why not use the change of season as a reason to clean out all the winter clutter that has accumulated in your home over the past few months? With the weather getting warmer and the sun shining, it's time to get rid of all those items which are cluttering up your rooms, so that you can welcome spring into your home.  

With spring cleaning fever in the air, we've put together some handy tips to help you declutter your home: 


Cupboard decluttering: 


One of the biggest changes you'll be making as we move from winter into spring is in your bedroom cupboard. You'll need to say goodbye to and store away your winter clothes, so that you can make space for your summer wardrobe. 

  • When switching your wardrobe, you should consider throwing out any items of clothing or shoes that you no longer wear or don't like. Any clothes, especially your children's old clothes, which are still in good condition, should be donated.  
  • Take any clothes that need repairing to the tailor so that you can actually wear them and that they are not just taking up space in your cupboard. 
  • Put away any clothes or shoes which are not yet in your cupboard, so that they don't pile up on the floor/chair. 

Top tip: If you are storing away your winter clothes and shoes, consider using plastic or cardboard storage containers to help you save space. 


Playroom decluttering: 


Warmer weather means your kids will spend more time playing outside and less time indoors with all their toys. This makes it the perfect opportunity to do some decluttering. 

  • Throw away or donate (if in good condition) old and broken toys, to make way for new toys and festive season gifts. 
  • Recycle old colouring in books and papers which have been drawn on. 
  • Organise and label all hobby or craft supplies, throwing away any empty or broken items that you know won't be used.  

Top tip: Baskets, stationery drawers and toy boxes are a great way for storing away toys, crafts and other playroom essentials. 


Bathroom decluttering: 


When it comes to bathrooms, you'll often find an old shampoo bottle or two, empty shower gels and other bathroom clutter lying around.  

  • Go through all the bottles, tubes and boxes you find in your bathroom, and throw out anything that is empty, that you know you're not going to use. Don't forget to throw away and replace old, half-used soap bars that you find hiding in the soap dish. 
  • Get rid of and replace old and torn facecloths, sponges and loofahs that you don't use. They're just collecting dirt and germs and if you don't use it, don't keep it. 
  • Organise and store away your bathroom items smartly, so as to maximise space and minimise clutter. 

Top tip: Medicine cabinets are often overlooked when it comes to de-cluttering but in anticipation of all the allergy medication that we'll need for spring, it's time to go through your medication and throw out old/expired ones to make space for new ones. 


Office decluttering: 


It's so easy for things to get out of hand when it comes to papers and files in your office. Use this time to finally get on top of your office clutter. 

  • Organise your junk drawer, throwing out old stationery and any other unused items which have made the drawer their home. Consider getting a drawer organiser to make life easier.  
  • Organise your desk and get rid of the clutter by putting your things in pencil holders and other small stationery storage boxes
  • Recycle any old papers, magazines and newspapers that you don't read or need.  
  • Declutter your shelves by throwing away old and empty files and look at getting storage boxes to help manage your papers.

Top tip: when it comes to your bookshelf, consider donating old books that your children have outgrown or that you no longer want, to those who are less fortunate and love to read. 


Kitchen decluttering: 


We all have those ancient spices that we never use but that have never been thrown away. Well, there's no better time than now to get rid of those ancient products.  

  • Throw any expired foods and sauces, as well as broken spoons, chipped plates and appliances that no longer work. 
  • Organise your kitchen counters and shelves, and make use of drawer organisers, so that it is easier to locate items in your kitchen. 
  • Recycle any torn plastic bags, plastic containers and plastic packaging, that are taking up space.

Top tip: check for duplicates as we often have more than one of a particular kitchen item when we only use or need one. Having duplicates can cause items to pile up and become unnecessary kitchen clutter. Donate or sell any duplicate kitchen items that you aren't using, to free up some space. 


With these handy tips on how to declutter your home, there's no better time than now to tackle that winter clutter to make room for spring! 

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