Bulbs! It's Time to Plant

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Having bulbs in your garden can truly bring the spirit of spring into your flower beds, however, there is a common misconception that planting and maintaining these dazzling plants can be a difficult task for budding gardeners. Here are seven fantastic tips to getting your garden bulb ready and how to keep them thriving!
1. Select quality bulbs, look for plump firm bulbs with no mould growing on the surface or in the creases. Bigger bulbs in any variety will usually flower more than smaller bulbs.
2. Plant your bulbs in a sunny spot that will receive more than six hours of sunlight a day.
3. Plant spring-blooming bulbs in the late autumn or in early winter months and your summer bulbs in late winter or early spring.
4. Plant your bulbs deep enough, dig a hole roughly a three times the height of your bulbs as a general rule of thumb and plant them pointy side up.
5. Plant your bulbs in soil that is both rich in nutrients and well draining.
6. Add mulch around your bulbs to help keep them warm, retain soil moisture and prevent weeds from invading your garden.
7. Check for pests, water weekly, and fertilize every three months.
With these seven rules to caring for your bulbs, your garden will be a wonderland of colours and delightful fragrances. 
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Author: Lillian Rencken

Submitted 16 May 19 / Views 311