Interior design Inspiration hubs in the Bryanston / Fourways Area

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Living in Bryanston & Fourways offers you a host of retail hubs but where do you go for that little extra Interior design inspiration? Over the last 15 years, Johannesburg has seen a host of new furniture and interior boutiques making their mark and Design Quarter is the one place to visit where you will be guaranteed to find it all. From cheaper decor items to the more signature pieces you collect.
Whether you are decorating to stay or possibly sell your home quicker, here are a few stores to browse before you buy anything...
Bakos Brothers
The overall style of décor you can find at the Bakos Brothers can be described as the embodiment of sophistication and luxury. Their furniture is locally made and handcrafted, with each piece showing inspired attention to detail. These stunning pieces of furniture will surely make a statement in your home boasting a stylish interior design.
Sotran Dekorativ
For a stunning selection of visually intriguing decor, Sotran offers shoppers a beautiful range of mixed medium furniture with vintage and bespoke flair. Each of their pieces is handcrafted making each unique in its own right and all can be classified as a one-off crafted item. From furniture to decorative items, Sotran is a decor you will fall in love with!
Vendange offers its shoppers a stunning range of beautiful decor pieces that promises to have something for everyone. Their overarching theme is French inspired interior design pieces but these innovative designers have included a wide variety of items from furniture to cutlery and decor accessories.
Bont Huijs
For those with a keen eye for art, Bont Huijs showcases the best of the best in local artists and quirky, one of a kind furniture and mantle pieces. To visit the store brings customers a sense of whimsy and wonder, where anything could be found among their incredible collection of beautiful and decorative treasures. Bont Huijs has a vast collection of items which will certainly become the focal point wherever it is placed.
While these four stores, in particular, caught our eye, the Design Quarter is home to a large selection of decor and furniture stores including Mr Price Home, Woolworths Home, Edgars Home, and @homelivingspace. If you're in the Fourways, Lonehill, Bryanston, or surrounding areas and looking for the perfect destination to do your decor and furniture shopping, the Design Quarter is the place to be.
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Author: Lillian Rencken

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